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Common Questions

Do you provide a discount for chassis builders?

Absolutely, yes. We’ve shipped many roofs directly to chassis builders and we have several relationships around the country. If you are a chassis builder, we will build custom roofs to meet your specifications. Our goal is that chassis builders make our product standard on their new cars.

Are we looking to expand our dealer network?

Yes, we are always looking to work with reputable dealers. Please reach out to us and we will work out the details.

How long does it take to ship?

We have standard colors and sizes in-stock. We typically ship the roofs within 24-hours of an order. If we expect any delay in your order, we will let you know right away via email or telephone.

Do we sell the roof insert for the center section of the roof?

We do not sell the center section because the shipping cost makes the section super expensive.  We do provide the instructions and they are easy to build on a four foot break.  The specs are included in your instruction packet.

Do you have other color options?

Yes, we can do custom colors to match your car.  Just go to the custom section and let us know what color you want your roof.  It does take a little longer to deliver custom colors and might need a color code from your powder-coater in some cases.

Is a custom roof more expensive?

We haven’t had a request that resulted in a higher price to the customer.  We like a challenge and we are open to your design ideas.  If your request requires something beyond a size/color request, that could result in a higher price.  Just send us a note with your request and we will let you know a timeline and cost before we start.

Do you sponsor individual cars?

We have many drivers and crew that place our logo on their car.  All of these drivers do it to help promote our product with no direct financial support.  We do whatever we can to share their photos on social media and our various sites.  But, we do not provide individual car sponsorships.  Instead, we contribute to the tracks and series they participate in.  We know where our customer’s race and we do everything we can to help their tracks through contingency sponsorship or cash contributions.

Do you sell merchandise?

No, we don’t.  However, we do occasionally have shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and stickers that we give away.  Let us know what size you need when you place your order and we will ship them out with your roof.  If you have a roof on your car and you want to help promote our product, let us know and we will set you up.