Quick Rescue Roof is an innovative design that allows a driver to exit a car much quicker than a traditional race roof.  The roof functions similarly to an escape hatch, but our roof is custom-built and manufactured specifically for dirt race cars to maintain aerodynamics and look great. 


One of the key attributes of our product is the strength yet lightweight nature.  The front roof cap and two side rails bolt together to form the roof with all hardware included.

– Faster Driver Rescue Time 

– Precision Built in the USA 

– Looks Great on Your Race Car


Quick Rescue Roof provides peace of mind to drivers, race teams, and family. 

The driver gains confidence knowing the team has invested in the latest safety technology and can focus on delivering their best performance. 

The team and family members can enjoy the race event knowing that they have invested in all the latest technology to reduce the risk of their driver being trapped in the car during a dangerous situation. 

The Quick Rescue Roof can be used by safety crews to extract the river in many instances – the driver will be able to exit the car unassisted simply by unblocking their safety belts and pushing up on the roof of their car. 


Series Champions, race winners, and generations of race families use the Quick Rescue Roof across most major race associations.


You’ll find our roof riding with drivers in IMCA, Wissota, and several other sanctioned races including WoO Late Model, Lucas Oil Lade Model, and USRA.


We’re most proud of these safety features: 

1. Quick Release Pins to enable safety crews to quickly remove the center section of the roof for quick driver extraction. 

2. The tongue and groove system allows the driver (in most cases) to simply unbuckle their safety harness and push up on center section of the roof to allow for self-extraction from the car in case of emergency. 


Do we sell the roof insert for the center section of the roof?

We do not sell the center section because the shipping cost makes the section super expensive.  We do provide the instructions and they are easy to build on a four foot break.  The specs are included in your instruction packet.

How long does it take to ship?

We have standard colors and sizes in-stock.  We typically ship the roofs within 24-hours of an order.  If we expect any delay in your order, we will let you know right away via email or telephone.

Do you have other color options?

Yes, we can do custom colors to match your car.  Just go to the custom section and let us know what color you want your roof.  It does take a little longer to deliver custom colors and might need a color code from your powder-coater in some cases.

Is a custom roof more expensive?

We haven’t had a request that resulted in a higher price to the customer.  We like a challenge and we are open to your design ideas.  If your request requires something beyond a size/color request, that could result in a higher price.  Just send us a note with your request and we will let you know a timeline and cost before we start.

Do you sponsor individual cars?

We have many drivers and crew that place our logo on their car.  All of these drivers do it to help promote our product with no direct financial support.  We do whatever we can to share their photos on social media and our various sites.  But, we do not provide individual car sponsorships.  Instead, we contribute to the tracks and series they participate.  We know where our customer’s race and we do everything we can to help their tracks through contingency sponsorship or cash contributions.


Our product is manufactured from brushed aluminum using precision equipment and hand-assembled to ensure proper fit and finish.

The final product is powder-coated to meet your specification and shipped in a container that was designed to reduce costs. Our roofs are not cheap, but you will be impressed with the quality of construction and durability.

We have spent several years working with top teams to improve our product and modify the sizes of our product to provide the best aerodynamics. 

We are truly honored when a driver chooses to include our roof in their race program and work with all drivers to ensure complete satisfaction with our product.


Get a step by step tutorial to help you install your Quick Rescue Roof.


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