The Quick Rescue Roof was designed following our personal experience at the track.

The goal of our product is to ensure that we give every driver an opportunity to escape quickly from their car in case of an emergency.

The manufacturers of chassis and safety equipment do a great job of keeping drivers safe in the car.

Quick Rescue Roof ensures that the driver can exit more quickly once they are in a dangerous situation.


Please consider adding our product to the other safety equipment in your race program.


In the race to bring state-of-the-art safety equipment to the dirt track, driver rescue has become more difficult. 

We designed this product to give the driver the best opportunity to escape a fire and provide the easiest access to a driver that is unable to exit the car. 

The design was engineered for easy installation and fast exit under duress.


Quick Rescue Roof is a family-owned operation committed to driver safety.


Our product is manufactured from brushed aluminum using precision equipment and hand-assembled to ensure proper fit and finish.

The final product is powder-coated to meet your specification and shipped in a container that was designed to reduce costs. Our roofs are not cheap, but you will be impressed with the quality of construction and durability.

We have spent several years working with top teams to improve our product and modify the sizes of our product to provide the best aerodynamics.

We are honored when a team chooses to include our roof in their race program. We work with all drivers to continually improve our product and ensure complete satisfaction.


Our family has strong roots in dirt track racing dating back to the early 70’s. This is their story.

We grew up around fast cars and the race track. With grandpa’s help, our dad and his brother both raced old Mopars on the dirt tracks of ND.

After graduating from college, Robbie and Randy found our way into the sport. We eventually worked our way into weekly racers at various dirt tracks in ND going back to the early 90s.

Today, Chase Conway continues to race and draws the extended family to the track as a third-generation driver.

Give back

Support for the sport

We designed the roof to reduce the chance of a driver getting trapped in their car during an emergency. We have found that many of the drivers that use our roof believe in our product as much as we do. We are honored when they show their support by placing our logo on their car.

We do not provide financial support to individual cars, but we will repost and include your car on all media when we see your post. Please send us your photos – if you run our product, we will share with our friends and customers.

 Our way of giving back to the sport is by sponsoring special events across the US and Canada.

 We also donate roofs to safety crews or companies that provide safety crew training. We are always looking for ways to be involved. If you have an idea on something we should be involved with, please Complete the Form Here and tell us more.


We have provided many sponsorships of various memorial races and work directly with race track promotors to provide sponsorship to weekly racing events.

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