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You can be confident in the installation of the Quick Rescue Roof.  You’ll need the components shipped with the roof and your roof panel that you’ll insert into the Quick Rescue Roof side rails. It should take you less than 60 minutes to complete the installation.

Installation Tip 

Ensure the roof is at equal width front and back before securing the angle aluminum


Mounting Instructions

1. Start the assembly by attaching the Side Rails to the Front Roof Cap using the included bolts, risers, and nuts.

2. Secure the included angle aluminum to the rear of the roof and ensure that the roof is equal width front and back.

3. Place the unit on your chassis and mark the Front Roof Cap in the desired position on your race car. Mark holes, drill and attach with flathead screws through the halo tabs on your chassis.

4. Place the angle aluminum (or square tubing – not included) above the tab s on the back of your chassis halo. Bolt it down using the flat head bolts. Drill holes through the angle aluminum.

5. At the back of your roof, mount the final angle aluminum at the desired length of your roof. 

6. Attach your sail panels and A-pillars to the Roof using body bolts or pop rivets. 

7. Place roof braces to meet your desired rigidity from the chassis to the roof frame. 

8. Insert race aluminum from the rear of the car. Make sure the aluminum is in the slots on both Side Rails and securely engaged in Front Roof Cap. The race aluminum should be hemmed on all four sides. 

9. Mark and drill holes in race aluminum with a 1/4″ bit and install the race aluminum. 

10 Secure the roof with Body Bolts, Quick Release Buttons with hood pin under roof, or Zeus fasteners. 

11. Install the RED Safety Sticker over the holes in the roof insert. This will allow the safety crew to quickly identify the safety product. 


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